Photo taken:
Austin, Texas

Director/Producer: Evan Roberts
Cinematographer: Annie Silverstein, Amy Bench, Evan Roberts
Editors: Nadia Awad, Evan Roberts

Arvind does not remember his mother. When he was a small child, she attempted to poison him and his brother. Arvind grew up knowing this, but little else about his mother or what compelled her to make such a horrific choice. Her release from prison sets him on a journey to find out the truth.

The documentary, Arvind, follows the young man write and produce a play on an event he does not have any memory of, as he navigates life as a gay high school student in Texas.

[Still from Arvind ]

It's not real; it's not correct. But it is enough for me to live on. - Arvind Hathaway

You can view the film here.